Mixed Kebab + As They Say (oia) (18)
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  • Age Restriction: 18

Mixed Kebab

“I’m Ibrahim, I’m Turkish. I’m Bram, I’m Belgian. I am a Muslim, and I’m gay.” And the so the scene is set for trouble as handsome Bram tries to negotiate his way through the contradictions of opposing cultural influences and expectations. His situation – traditional parents, a thuggish younger brother and a looming arranged marriage – is offset by the easy relationship his love interest, the gorgeous Kevin, has with his mother who embraces his sexuality. The moody atmosphere of Antwerp is juxtaposed with the sunny warmth of Turkey where Ibrahim, forced to wed his cousin, finally consummates his romance with Kevin in an incredible light-filled scene of seduction. But that’s not the end of his woes.. All praise to director Thys for steering us so deftly through this muddle to deliver a satisfying, sexy romance while never belittling the dilemma facing the unwilling hero of the piece.

Director: Guy Lee Thys
Running Time: 98 Min

As They Say

A father and son go into the Rif mountains, to bond and do manly things together. But, does the father think his son is a man?

Director: Hicham Ayouch
Running Time: 13 Min


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