The Sex of the Angels + After Lunch (oia) (18)
  • Age Restriction: 18

The Sex of the Angels

Threesome anyone, Spanish style?

As only the Spanish can, Villaverde offers up a provocative, entirely un-PC scenario of where a love triangle might go given the willingness of the driehoek. At one corner is Rai, indecently good looking and dead keen on the butcher-than-thou Bruno. Only problem is, Bruno has a girlfriend. In typical Mediterranean manera that hurdle is easily overcome and when Carla finds out about the same-sex tryst (in a memorable men’s shower moment), she decides on a less-than-typical course of action. At the root of Villaverde’s film is a desire to explore the limits of post-queer sexual fluidity, but less prosaically it’s also a great opportunity to see three astonishingly gorgeous people, sans clothes, enjoying the romp of being young and in love. The backdrop is equally edgy – Barcelona – as is the soundtrack; Rai is a street dancer and the tunes echo the new fusion of hip-hop and funk. Good fun.

Director: Xavier Villaverde
Running Time: 102

After Lunch

The men are watching soccer, again, and the women, Nana and Andrea, share confidences about their erotic dreams with delightful and funny consequences.

Director: Rodrigo Diaz Diaz
Running Time: 13 Min


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