Leon Schuster's Mad Buddies (10M)
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  • Genre: Comedy
  • Running Time: 90
  • Release Date:
  • Language: English
  • Age Restriction: 10M
  • Local

There's a pothole at the end of their rainbow!

Anti-poaching agents Boetie and Beast become sworn enemies during a confrontation in the bush that results in Boetie’s toe being shot off and Beast being chased by a lion.

When they meet up again in the city, neither one of the interracial duo is willing to forgive or forget. They come to blows on a beach, where Kelsey, a gorgeous reality TV producer, sees them and the idea for a new show is born. Each of the men is dazzled by Kelsey, innocent of the fact that she has her own agenda. When they land up in jail together, she gets the perfect opportunity to “save” them— on condition that they walk from Durban to Johannesburg together for charity.

Reluctantly, the rivals set off on a hilarious journey, without any idea that they will be on camera every step of the way and that the whole of SA is in on the joke, except they.

The show is an immediate hit as the guys come unstuck with each other at every opportunity. Until they discover that they've been conned, and join forces to exact revenge in the funniest possible way.


Cast: Leon Schuster, Kenneth Nkosi, Alfred Ntombela, Tanit Phoenix

Director: Gray Hofmeyr

Music: Ed Jordan

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